Pre & Post Pregnancy Care

At Physiowell, we provide pregnancy-related treatments tailored to assist new and existing mothers to manage pregnancy-related joint and muscle symptoms effectively. Our prenatal care focuses on maintaining good health in the lower back and pelvis to minimize the risk of pelvic inflammatory disorders common within pregnancy. Post-natal we work with mothers to regain strength and optimal joint and muscle function after childbirth including pelvic floor rehabilitation.


Revitalize your movement with one of the best physiotherapists specialized in the treatment of pregnant women in Dubai at Physiowell

With the development of almost any pregnancy comes the disturbance of women’s pelvic health. In turn, a good pregnancy physiotherapy treatment plan can help women who suffer from lower back pain and sciatica after three or more treatment sessions with our pregnancy physiotherapy specialist in Dubai

Our physiotherapists who specialize in women’s health focus mostly on maintaining a thorough treatment to the lower back and pelvis to minimize risks in pregnant mothers.


The following support may be provided by the Physiowell women’s health physiotherapist:

  • Advice on appropriate posture and seating routines
  • A thorough prescription of safe exercises
  • Preparation of your pelvic floor for labour
  • Treating lower back pain and sciatica

Recuperate your body after pregnancy with our physiotherapists in Dubai at Physiowell

While labor is one of the greatest milestones any mother can have, many mothers are well aware that the journey of their body’s transformation and susceptibility to pain, specifically at the lower back region, does not end at delivery. Our goal at Physiowell is to help post-natal mothers recover in the soonest time possible.

Our pregnancy physiotherapy specialists will work with mothers to ensure their abdominal muscles regain strength and their bodies reform back into their pre-pregnancy state through the early execution of safe exercise.


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