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مركز العلاج بتقويم العمود الفقري، تقويم العظام والعلاج الطبيعي

Physiowell is a state-of-the-art facility that houses a team of esteemed international chiropractic and osteopathic doctors, physiotherapists, and rehabilitation specialists in Dubai. Physiowell is dedicated to offering the best physical well-being services, ensuring maximum satisfaction for our patients. In order to achieve that, we have established operations that will improve the quality of the medical and technical details in our facility, as well as enhance the complete experience overall.

يتكون فريق خبراء Physiowell team of experts is composed of highly experienced doctors and physicians with many years of work towards the improvement of lives across a vast range of international professionals such as the Olympics, national rugby teams, AC Milan Soccer School, UFC Fighters, and other athletes. This wide range of experience allows us to offer a wide spectrum of muscular and neurological treatments using different techniques whilst pursuing the specific needs of each patient.

مركز للعلاج الطبيعي بالقرب مني

Physiotherapeutic techniques of proven effectiveness in a comfortable and safe environment, that’s what we are experts at!
Do not ask yourself where to find one of the best physiotherapy centers near me, Physiowell is your correct choice. Here, you will have physiotherapists willing to provide you with the aid required according to your specific case. Our medical team comprises knowledgeable and experienced clinicians who expertly provide the full range of bone and joint rehabilitation services. To guarantee optimum health, we use modern technology and quality services for you. All this is in order to assist you with achieving your wellness goals.

In order to provide a personalized and thorough high-quality treatment, في فيزويل,, as one of the best chiropractic clinics in Dubai, has an infrastructure fully adapted to what a first-class rehabilitation center requires. We have highly equipped, private, and comfortably large treatment spaces.

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At Physiowell, we offer high-quality services focused on achieving the optimal well-being of each of our patients. We have a team of highly trained specialists and the latest cutting-edge technology for each of our services.
سنرافقك طوال عملية الشفاء ، ونعيد تقييم علاجك باستمرار ونزودك بالإرشادات وطرق العلاج لتحقيق الشفاء الأمثل.

قابل النخبة - أخصائيي العلاج الطبيعي ، أخصائيي تقويم العمود الفقري، وأخصائيي تقويم العظام

We can say that we are very lucky to have a team that incorporates passion, experience, and professionalism. Each and every one of those who make up this team, are highly qualified and have an internationally-based comprehensive level of experience.
Regardless of your case, we have one of the best physios in Dubai, chiros, and Osteos, and the most advanced equipment to ensure an effective recovery. See our professional team.

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If you need a sports massage or a sports-induced injury physiotherapy treatment, get in touch with Physiowell. We will be happy to assist you.

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