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Musculoskeletal Pain and Working Habits: How to Avoid Back Pain for Better Working

Musculoskeletal Pain and Working Habits: How to Avoid Back Pain for Better Working

Did you know that in Europe one of the leading causes of absenteeism is back pain? In fact, these discomforts are very common, especially in industrialized countries. By avoiding certain habits in the office, we can easily alleviate postural and movement damage that leads to musculoskeletal disorders, especially in the lumbar area. To do this, it is essential to go to a specialist or a specialized medical center to advise us on the best physiotherapy techniques to care for our back as well as preventive exercises, to be able to perform them both at home and work, improving our well-being.

Low Back Pain and the Factors that Encourage it at Work

Dr. Mark John Quilala, a licensed Physiotherapist with over 9 years of clinical practice stated that hostesses, cleaners, teachers… many professions require you to stay on your feet during long working hours. If this is your case, we remind you that, from time to time, you should take a break to avoid lower back and kidney problems. In addition, you should wear comfortable shoes to avoid damaging your spine and to avoid pain in the lower back, both left and right lower back.

Standing Work Increases Back Pain

Usually, people who spend a lot of time standing tend to oversaturate the pressure received by the discs in the lumbar region and even more so if our work requires lifting heavy objects. “Dr. Ghada Baytamouni said”. In addition, people who tend to spend long periods standing, especially statically, may experience pain in the joints of the lumbar vertebrae and overload on the dorsal muscles of the back.

Safe Weight Lifting

One of the main lessons that we can teach you is how to lift weights with minimal impact on your spine, so that you can forget about painkillers for back pain that is, at Physiowell Clinic we are experts in the treatment of low back pain thanks to our physiotherapy service in Dubai. If the pain persists, even after physical therapy discharge, we recommend that you go to your back pain specialist in Dubai to evaluate your case and recommend the best treatment for you.

How to Avoid Back Pain at Your Workplace?

If you work in an office, it is common for you to spend the entire day sitting, which also does not help when it comes to avoiding back pain, since sitting can lead to kidney pain, among other ailments. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain good posture in our workspace, which implies that we must take care of both the height of the chair and the posture we maintain, paying special attention to the neck and lower back. If you own a company and want to improve the health of your workers, it will always be a good option to hire a traumatology service for companies with medical experts or a work physiotherapy service. Likewise, as a worker, you can go to our physiotherapy clinic in Dubai to improve your physical well-being.

Preventive measures to avoid low back pain

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of low back pain, so if your job requires you to spend most of your time sitting, we recommend that you do regular physical activity to avoid musculoskeletal complications since, with activities such as swimming, you will strengthen the muscles in the area.

Musculoskeletal Pain
Musculoskeletal Pain

Can you Work with Back Pain?

Going to work with back pain is not the best option no matter how you look at it, and yet many of us have no other choice. Therefore, if you suffer from back pain or kidney pain when sitting, see our spinal chiropractors in Dubai or a physiotherapist to learn the best back-strengthening exercises to do during and outside of work.

Exercises to Eliminate Back Pain Caused By Work

Our team of physiotherapy specialists in Dubai will thoroughly study the cause of your back pain and will propose exercises specially designed for you with the most innovative and advanced physiotherapy devices of the moment, in addition to other exercises that do not require such specialized material to that you do them inside and outside of work. Forget about the creaking in your back and take care of yourself with us!

Causes of Occupational Muscle Pain in General

Each work activity has its own bodily implications, in terms of performance, furniture, and equipment, so a worker who works a good part of the day packing objects may present Lateral Epicondylitis -which is known as tennis elbow, as well as it is also possible that a public accountant who spends hours in front of the computer, suffers from neck and back pain, to name just a couple of examples.

So what is the cause of that pain? Definitely, the cause of pain when performing any activity for a long time and without alternating postures is the mechanical stress on sensitive structures (ligaments, joint capsules, the periosteum of the vertebrae, muscles, and the walls of blood vessels), such as sustained stretching of ligaments or joint capsules and compression and distention of nerve endings.

This is a mechanical and non-pathological problem, for this reason, the relief of stress exerted on the sensitive structures reduces the pain stimulus and therefore, the person no longer experiences it.

If the mechanical stress exceeds the capacity of the tissue, injuries occur; If this occurs without adequate healing, musculoskeletal disorders or overload syndromes appear, with inflammation and pain, affecting function without apparent injury. It is important that the relief of mechanical stress achieved by correcting posture, along with the reduction of inflammation, is what guarantees improvement of the injury.

Pain Syndromes Related to Postural Alterations

There are several causes that cause pain syndromes related to different alterations in posture.

  • Poor Posture and Postural Pain Syndrome
    It refers to pain that results from mechanical stress when a person maintains poor posture for a prolonged period of time and is usually relieved by activity. There are no abnormalities in muscle strength or flexibility, but if the postural alteration continues, strength and flexibility imbalances will eventually develop.
  • Postural Dysfunctions
    They differ from postural pain syndrome in that adaptive shortening of soft tissues and muscle weakness are involved. The cause may be a prolonged poor postural habit or the result of contractures and adhesions formed during tissue healing after trauma or surgery. Stress from shortened structures causes pain. Additionally, strength and flexibility imbalances can predispose the area to injuries or overuse syndromes, which a normal musculoskeletal system might face.

In this video, you can follow these top 5 exercises for better posture:

Importance of Good Postural Habits

Good postural habits in adults are necessary to avoid postural pain syndromes and postural dysfunctions. Furthermore, careful monitoring in terms of flexibility and posture training exercises after trauma or surgery is important to avoid alterations due to contractures and adhesions.
For children, good postural habits are important to avoid abnormal stress on growing bone and adaptive changes in muscles and soft tissues.

No More Back Pain!

Our clinic, located in Al Wasl Road, Dubai, is known for the stellar track record of our experts, who will propose a personalized table that covers both exercises for back and neck pain as well as therapeutic Pilates exercises so that you can forget about lower back pain or vertebral. In addition, we will teach you how to perform stress-relieving exercises for your back and neck, so that you know how to practice them in your workspace, to alleviate musculoskeletal pain.

Say goodbye to low back pain and other pain caused by poor posture at work and put the health of your back in the hands of the experts at Physiowell before it is too late and your pain becomes chronic. In our osteopathic center, we have the most cutting-edge equipment on the market and we put it at your service so that you can live a pain-free life. Our team will teach you exercises aimed at readapting your posture to avoid future discomfort such as lower back pain. Come to our center at Al Manara in Dubai and forget about postural pain!



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