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Osteopathy is an alternative medicine that focuses on manual manipulation of the body’s muscle tissue and bones. The main principle of Osteopathy is to restore the body’s natural alignment and balance in order to enhance the natural healing process of the body. Osteopaths can tailor specific treatment plans for a range of ages; from newborn babies with congenital postural defects all the way to the elderly with degenerative changes. Osteopathy uses a hands-on holistic approach to diagnose and treat a range of muscle and joint conditions as well as focusing on lifestyle, nutrition, posture and exercises. Osteopathy treatment can include spinal manipulation, joint mobilization, soft and deep tissue techniques, cranial osteopathy, joint manipulation and postural re-education.



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At Physiowell, we understand that the human body is made up of complex and extremely intricate systems that can suffer from dysfunction and pain at any given time. As a holistic treatment, osteopathy involves the usage of manual therapy which aims to identify and treat the cause of your symptoms and pain.
The best osteopaths in Dubai at our facility basically use a patient-centric approach while working through the neuro-musculoskeletal system. Our osteopaths bring extensive qualifications and years of experience to the table, and conduct detailed examinations to ensure an accurate diagnosis, based on which a personalized treatment plan is formed. Our primary focus is to remove all restrictions and imbalances throughout your body so that it can return to optimal mobility & functionality with time.


Which conditions can be treated by osteopathy?

The different conditions treated at our osteopathy clinic in Dubai are:

• Sciatica

• Muscle pain

• General aches and pains

• Back and neck pain

• Joint pain, such as hip, shoulder and knee pain

• Lumbago

• Sports injuries

• Arthritic pain

• Foot and ankle pain

What are the benefits of osteopathy?

What truly adds value to osteopathy is the fact that it doesn’t focus solely on relieving symptoms, but actually aims at enhancing the overall body functions. After seeking osteopathic treatment, patients report enhanced energy levels, improvements in general well-being, better sleep patterns, reduction in muscle tension and overall stress levels and much more.

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If you wish to achieve better quality of life by improving your overall body functions, then schedule an appointment at Physiowell today. Feel free to call us at +971 (4)2692121 or email us at info@physiowell.ae.

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