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Private Rehabilitation Center Dubai

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a specialized field of medicine that focuses on helping patients recover joint and muscle mobility and treat pain. At our rehabilitation clinic in Dubai, we offer personalized rehabilitation treatment plans designed to meet the unique needs of each patient. Our team of experienced orthopedic doctors in Dubai works closely with patients to develop comprehensive treatment plans. Rehabilitation is dedicated to a wide variety of disorders that directly affect the musculoskeletal system,

through the treatment of the most frequent and/or disabling orthopedic pathologies, their complications, and their rehabilitation prognosis.
We know that a rehabilitation program is a process with defined objectives, focused on the patient returning to an optimal physical level. For this, we develop programs associated with exercises that help to avoid, delay, and/or cope with the consequences of illnesses.

One of the Best Orthopedic Doctors in Dubai for conditioning and muscle strengthening

With every injury comes a deficiency in the ability of athletes and active individuals to compete or perform at their highest levels during their training sessions. Consulting a Rehabilitation Centre in Dubai such as Physiowell is one way for any local resident to regain the optimal performance level and avoid the sensation of chronic dull or acute pains.

While many individuals commonly ignore the need to undergo a strength and conditioning rehabilitation regime, our patients see the benefits and actively pursue recurrent strength and conditioning sessions with our physiotherapist in Dubai.


Physical therapy rehabilitation center in Dubai for orthopedic treatment

At Physiowell, we specialize in treating patients with muscle, joint, and bone injuries, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, in order to help them regain their mobility, functionality, and independence, performing the most effective personalized rehabilitation treatment for each patient.

Working with patients and their families to design a personalized and progressive plan of care, using the most modern treatments and technologies to help patients rehabilitate.

One of the Best Rehabilitation Centers for Conditioning and Muscle Strengthening in Dubai

Physiowell’s treatment model typically ends with rehabilitation and sufficient strength and conditioning advice to prevent future relapses of injury. The goal is to ensure that each patient improves on their deficiencies and transforms their weakness into strength,

sustaining a long-lasting effect of the treatment on the individual area of concern and therefore preventing any upcoming injury.
Physiowell’s strength and conditioning rehabilitation may range from gait training, flexibility training, proprioception, and balance training and strength and conditioning. Our rehabilitation specialist focuses on injury management and injury prevention in addition to restoring the fluidity and elasticity of the muscles.

One of The best orthopedic clinics for rehabilitation in Dubai

Our extensive experience can support the patient in the diagnosis and treatment of the following conditions:

  • Muscle pain, contractures, myofascial syndrome.
  • Osteoarthritis (joint wear): spondylosis/spondyloarthritis (cervical-thoracic-lumbar-sacral spine).
  • Spine and postural conditions: neck pain, low back pain, scoliosis, kyphosis, herniated disc, etc
  • Fractures: vertebrae, clavicle, humerus, radius, ulna, wrist, hip, femur, kneecap, tibia, fibula, ankle, foot, etc.
  • Joint, tendon, and ligament injuries: painful shoulder, rotator cuff tendinitis, epicondylitis, wrist and hand conditions, sacroiliitis (sacroiliac inflammation), coxalgia (hip pain), knee pain, cruciate ligament injury, collaterals knee, runner’s knee, knee sprains, ankle sprains, talalgia (heel pain), etc.
  • Sprains, dislocations, and various fractures.
  • Pre and post-surgical rehabilitation: shoulder, hip, and knee prostheses, fracture reductions, tendon repair, meniscus repair, spine instrumentation, peripheral nerve release, etc.
  • Neuromuscular conditions.

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Wooow! Thank you to Dr. Nuno Goncalves and the team. Best service in dubai. Even it was my first time I feel so fresh and full of energy.

Aslihan Vural

Dr. Nuno Goncalves is an excellent osteopath, he has resolved a problem that I had in the back that I have been carrying for some time now. All other staff are very good also.

Ana Alexandra Anjos

Had a great experience with Dr Ghada she treats my lower back very well, and am very happy with their team service specially receptionist kathrina she is very accommodating. Highly recommend it.

Hadhemi Amri

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