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One of the Best Sports Massage Therapists in Dubai

Sports therapy plays a vital role in helping athletes prevent injuries, recover quicker and effectively rehabilitate. At Physiowell, our Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and Physiotherapists offer sports-specific treatment for athletes and those committed to fitness and sports. 

Our sports therapy consists of musculoskeletal treatments, injury prevention, sports taping, and rehabilitation to improve performance.

Importance of Massage Therapy for Athletes

Sports Massage Clinic in Dubai, Physiowell is designed to make available to athletes and people who practice physical activity weekly regularly, the methods and the latest advances in sports medicine and traumatology, that is effective prevention, early diagnosis, advanced treatments to achieve in the shortest time possible, the highest functional performance after the injury suffered, applying the techniques and methods that are performed in elite sports or competition.

Regain your active competitive self with one of the best sports therapy clinics in Dubai

Our team of sports therapists at Physiowell is adept at treating and improving the mobility of athletes of different calibers to recover from injuries and improve performance respectively in various types of sports and activities. Our Chiropractic, Osteopathic and Physiotherapy specialists have improved the lives of many international athletes all through their years of practice.

We emphasize our protocols to ensure that you receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment to help you recover to a greater form while continuing to pursue the sport of your choice. Our specialists work together to devise individualized treatment plans to ensure a quick recovery and further provide guidelines aimed at the prevention of further injuries.


We provide some of the best sports therapists in Dubai who are available to help you perform more efficiently

Whether you need guidance from a sports therapist as part of your rehabilitation program or require treatment to loosen up tight muscles, we promise to provide every reasonable effort to ensure that your visit to Physiowell results in an improvement in your physical capabilities. Our Chiropractic, Osteopathic and Physiotherapy therapists use a range of techniques to ensure the best results for our patients

Improve your mobility and physical capabilities with sports therapy in Dubai

Physiowell offers treatment that is focused on a gradual and methodic improvement of the affected areas of the body. The various treatment methods which Physiowell provides are applied with the aim to achieve the best and quickest results for athletes who wish to return to their competitive sporting routine. Our treatments’ physiological benefits make them an ideal part of various conditioning programs; aiding the precise parts of the body where typical wear and tear might have occurred

Sports therapy treatments can help treat a range of conditions that may include:

Amateur and professional athletes use sports therapy treatments frequently to recover from and/or prevent sports injuries during intensive training. As such, sports therapy goes a long way in reducing pain and neutralizing further damage. Sports therapy also offers many other benefits, including increased flexibility, enhanced joint range of motion, and decreased muscle tension and spasms.

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If you wish to achieve a better quality of life by improving your overall body functions, schedule an appointment at Physiowell today. Feel free to call us at +971 (4) 269 2121 or email us at

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Wooow! Thank you to Dr. Nuno Goncalves and the team. Best service in dubai. Even it was my first time I feel so fresh and full of energy.

Aslihan Vural

Dr. Nuno Goncalves is an excellent osteopath, he has resolved a problem that I had in the back that I have been carrying for some time now. All other staff are very good also.

Ana Alexandra Anjos

Had a great experience with Dr Ghada she treats my lower back very well, and am very happy with their team service specially receptionist kathrina she is very accommodating. Highly recommend it.

Hadhemi Amri

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