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Sports Medicine

Sports therapy plays a vital role in helping athletes prevent injuries, recover quickly and rehabilitate. At Physiowell, we offer sports-specific treatment for athletes and those committed to fitness and sports. Our sports therapy consists of musculoskeletal treatments, injury prevention, sports taping, and rehabilitation to improve performance.


Get back to feeling your best with sports therapy in Dubai

The sports therapist at Physiowell is adept at helping athletes of all levels and all sports. Our specialists have improved the lives of many patients all through their years of practice. We prioritize to ensure that you receive diagnosis and treatment that can help you get back in form and return to the sport of your choice without any traces of pain. Our specialists work together to devise individualized treatment plans to ensure a quick recovery and further provide guidelines aimed at prevention.

The best sports therapists in Dubai is available to help you perform more efficiently

Whether you need guidance from a sports therapist as part of your rehabilitation program or require treatment to loosen up tight muscles, we promise to go the extra mile to ascertain that you go out feeling confident and pain-free. Our therapist uses a range of techniques to ensure the best results for our patients.

De-stress your body with sports therapy in Dubai

Physiowell offers treatment that is focused on relaxing the “stressed” areas of the body. These are applied to the affected areas to achieve the best and quickest results for athletes who wish to return to sports. These treatments’ physiological benefits make them an ideal part of just about everybody’s conditioning program as it aids the parts of the body where wear and tear have occurred.

Sports therapy treatments can help treat a range of conditions that include:

  • Acute sports injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Muscle tears
  • Swimmer’s shoulders
  • Knee ligaments sprain
  • Ankle sprains
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Runner’s knee and more

Amateur and professional athletes use sports therapy treatments to recover from sports injuries and intensive training. It goes a long way in reducing pain and preventing further damage. These tend to offer many other benefits, including increased flexibility, enhanced joint range of motion, and decreased muscle tension and spasms.

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