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Dubai Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center

What is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the set of treatments that are carried out to recover one or more functions lost due to injury or illness through physical techniques and specific rehabilitation. For this, Physiotherapy offers a non-pharmacological alternative that helps to alleviate the symptoms by training the muscles and releasing the sprains thereby recovering functions that have been lost or disrupted.
Our physiotherapists are considered among the best physiotherapists in Dubai, who tailor specific treatment plans for muscle and joint pain, as well as nerve injury, using exercises as well as manual therapy. At Physiowell, we implement an integrative approach in the treatments we provide. In order to ensure optimal outcomes, every patient is evaluated and examined at the outset to ascertain the most appropriate course of treatment based on their individual condition.

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Sports Physio Center in Dubai

What is Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is the branch of physiotherapy that specializes specifically in sports, whether for beginner athletes or high-performance athletes. Generally, there are more amateur athletes than professionals, but sports physiotherapy in this regard is no less important since all athletes are subjected to intense training requiring specific care to reach their goals and maintain correct and healthy structural functionality.
As one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Dubai, we have a team specializing in sports physiotherapy, even more so, we have the latest technology for the treatment of professional and amateur athletes. This means that we don’t just give treatments without thinking. We look at each case very carefully to find the best way to help the person feel better quickly.


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As a holistic treatment approach, chiropractic physiotherapy is aimed at helping patients prevent dysfunction, recover from injuries, and even assist with improving function & movement patterns. Overall, Physiotherapy plays a vital role in helping individuals enhance their movements and restore their joints’ mobility, leading to a better quality of life.

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Physiowell is a leading Dubai physiotherapy clinic with an expert team of physiotherapists who maintain extensive qualifications and experience. Our physiotherapists in Dubai are readily available to help you accomplish the highest levels of mobility by performing comprehensive assessments. Once a precise diagnosis is achieved, our specialists develop individual treatment plans targeted at fixing the patient’s problem.


Physiotherapy in Dubai UAE

In our physiotherapy center in Dubai Al Wasl Road, we apply advanced physiotherapy together with innovative equipment

We promote physiotherapy in Dubai from a preventive, and then corrective point of view, with the latest and most advanced physiotherapy techniques and exercises.
As a physiotherapy center in Dubai, we combine manual techniques with osteopathy or chiropractic care. We also administer the most advanced manual treatments, exercises, and manipulations, to achieve a comprehensive treatment adapted to each person. We want results, but we also seek the prevention of future illnesses or injuries, which is why we establish programs for physiotherapy treatment in Dubai that are completely personalized.

Manual Physiotherapy – Sports Physiotherapy – Orthopedic

The origin of the injury not only helps us to understand its nature but also the best preventive therapy and treatment. Physiotherapy is constantly transforming with the development of new techniques and treatments. By applying the latest proven techniques, we increase the therapeutic possibilities and grow as industry professionals. We also improve the quality of life of the patient, especially when faced with painful musculoskeletal processes.
A Multidisciplinary combination of treatments administered by our physiotherapists in Dubai and physical exercise guided by a briefed personal trainer is essential for optimal recovery from your injury.
Our objective is to reestablish the muscular and mechanical function of the injured muscle or joint, in addition to working towards strengthening and preventing future injuries.

Conditions that can be treated with physiotherapy at our center in Dubai

The different conditions that are regularly treated by our physiotherapy specialist at our center in Dubai are inclusive of:

The most important focus for our team is to ensure that you achieve long term relief from the condition that you are suffering from. It is for this reason that Physiowell does not rely solely on machines and modalities, and instead make full use of hands-on skills to help patients achieve higher levels of functionality & fitness.

The different approaches that we use at our Dubai physiotherapy clinic are:

We also use a range of other manual alternative medicine techniques to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

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Some of the results achieved through the different physiotherapy techniques are: Reducing muscle tension and relieving pain, improving tissue mobility and quality of movement, and avoiding the risk of injury.

Unlike other methods of treatment, which rely on medications and surgical operations to treat injuries and dysfunction, Physiotherapy uses non-surgical and manual techniques coupled with exercises and other holistic applications to treat the patient. Physiotherapy can be applied to enhance general well-being, mobility, and performance as well as recover from post-surgical operations.

At our physiotherapy clinic in Dubai, our physiotherapy treatment programs help countless patients each year to recover from different types of injuries or unfavorable bodily immobility.
Despite the spread of physiotherapy as a form of treatment, many patients remain obscured about how physical therapy actually works and its effectiveness as a form of treatment.

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At Physiowell Clinic, we are experts in the musculoskeletal system and sports medicine. With the aim of providing comprehensive care to our patients, we have different medical specialties. Schedule an appointment at Physiowell today. Feel free to call us at +971 (4) 269 2121 or email us at

Physiowell is considered among the top physiotherapy centers in Dubai, and that is proven by the patient reviews who have been previously suffering pain and discomfort before healing through our physiotherapy treatment programs.

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    Physiowell comprises a team of the best physios in Dubai, and that is proven by the patient google and Doctify reviews who have been previously suffering pain and discomfort before healing through our physiotherapy treatment programs.

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